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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Make the Somali pirates walk the plank....aaaarrrgg!

Clearly the US Navy's hands are being tied regarding the Somali pirate situation....

A U.S. Navy ship has sunk a pirate "mother ship" in the Indian Ocean and captured 11 pirates, and then promptly let them go.

It was the second time within 24 hours that U.S. forces captured Somali pirates. Earlier Thursday, five pirates were taken into custody after they attacked a U.S. warship.

While those five pirates remain in custody, the 11 captured Thursday were allowed to leave in small skiffs after the mother ship was sunk. The action prompted a Pentagon spokesman to deny that the Navy had a "catch and release" policy regarding pirates.

Aaarrgh! Why must the Navy wait for all the pirates to jump off their boat before sinking it, and then rescue them? There are only so many pirates and boats in Somalia. It's not like they're manufacturing them in a ship yard somewhere. Sink enough boats and kill enough pirates and eventually there won't be any more.

I suspect that there's religious-based sympathy at high levels of our government, namely the executive branch's sensitivity toward these pirates who are undoubtedly Muslim. I think there are direct orders from the white house to try not to kill pirates unless it's absolutely necessary. Otherwise, sink their ships and gently place them back on dry land.

The coddling of murderous criminals is no way to solve the problem of piracy, any more than the coddling of welfare brood mares is any way to solve the problems of illegitimacy, generational dependency, or sheer laziness.


Bill said...

To the best of my knowledge, pirates have been considered "enemies of mankind" since time immemorial and subject to summary execution - i.e., hanged from the yardarm. This insane delicacy we've developed where international law experts tell us we must treat all manner of terrorists and outlaws as if they deserve the rights of citizens is hurting our efforts to maintain civilization.

ed said...

It's the new age of Bizarro, Bill....where the bad are good and the good are bad. Heaven help us!

Bill Lockhart said...

I like Wanda Sykes idea-cut off a leg and stick a broomstick there,gouge out an eye and put an eyepatch on, give them a felt hat, and nail a parrot on their shoulder. Now they can call themselves real pirates.