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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Andre Carson used the phony charge of racism as a political tool

Over at his site, Andrew Breitbart is calling for all the members of the Congressional black caucus, who lied about being called the N-word by tea-party activists during their idiotic march with Nancy Pelosi to vote on Obamacare, to apologize for bleating about racism when there isn't a shred of evidence of any. Jesse Jackson's half-witted son (pictured above filming the whole stupid stunt) has yet to produce any evidence of white racism.

Rep. Andre Carson claimed that he and other black congress-critters were yelled at by white protesters and called the N-word 15 times yet, even after a reward of $100,000 promised by Breitbart to be donated to the NAACP, not one audio or video clip has been produced. In this day and age of video-cell phones, iPod recorders, and TV cameras not a single second of audio or video footage has been produced to show anybody calling any congressperson the N-word.

Andre Carson and the other members of the congressional black caucus should be ashamed of themselves for being degenerate liars. They cry racism whenever it suits their political needs and then preposterously accuse anyone who asks for evidence of said racism, of being a racist.

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