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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The least attractive and most cowardly congressman...Henry Waxman

Henry Waxman(D) California, has wisely elected to cancel his idiotic hearings to which he childishly demanded CEO's come with hat in hand. Feindish democrats forced through the awful health care bill in which they had intentionally hidden numerous tax hikes and all manner of government manipulation of health care. Once accountants had a chance to actually read it, the CEO's were forced by law to report honestly the projected costs, which totalled in the hundreds of billions for some. Waxman pitched a hissy fit and ordered the CEO's to DC to explain themselves.

Apparently somebody informed him what an embarrassment it would be to have the men who provide tens of thousands of jobs and benefits to Americans, shining the light of truth on how disastrous this bill really is.

Like a cockroach in a dark kitchen, Waxman scurried back into the dark when the threat of sunshine and exposure came too near.


Anonymous said...

I honestly feel sorry for Henry Waxman and that nose. Even without the Photoshopping you could park a car in one nostril and a boat in the the other.

Ed said...

I find it shocking that he found a woman who'd marry him. Perhaps she's vision-impaired, or not exactly miss America herself.

Ed said...

Also anon, I don't think the nostrils are photoshopped. They're really like that. These nostrils on any other human would be undeniably photoshopped but, the fact it debatable in this case shows what a odd creature this Waxman is.

peter said...

Congressman Nostrildamus

ed said...

Henry Waxman looks like what you would get if you bred a hairclub-for-men reject with a nocturnal mole.