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Saturday, April 24, 2010

First annual "Everybody Draw Mohammad" day

From Hotair via my buddy Pat over at Belchspeak, Dan Savage at Thestranger has come up with this excellent idea to thumb our 1st amendment-loving noses, not only at the barbaric Muslims who find the mere mention of their prophet offensive, but also at the quisling trolls at Comedy Central who cowardly bowed to the threat of violence and abandon their freedoms of expression, when they censored images and even the name of Mohammad, in two recent Southpark episodes.

I'll certainly be offering up an image or two, so join me in showing the radical Islamic hordes that they can't kill every one of us for mocking Islam. If you make a drawing and have a scanner, send it to Dan, Pat, Allahpundit, or me and with a little luck, one of us will receive an ironic death threat for our mockery and of the religion of peace. I would consider it a patriotic honor to have been threatened for standing up for my Constitutional guarantee of free speech and so should you.

Don't forget, May 20th. Send them in early and I'll post whatever I get on that day.

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