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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Friday, April 23, 2010

The EPA wants to regulate your Koy pond

If cap-and-trade passes, that law and this move will create the single most powerful agency in the US.....

House Democrats pushed forward Wednesday with an effort to delete the word "navigable" from the Clean Water Act - a change that would give the government greater ability to enforce clean-water rules but that opponents said amounts to a federal power grab.

By deleting the word "navigable" from, and adding the phrase "...and lands that affect" to, the Clean Water Act, the EPA will literally be able to dictate use of any, ANY water on your property as well as any land that affects yours or other bodies of water.

Cap-and-Trade will allow the EPA to regulate with the force of the federal government, any business-associated activities of man that produce any CO2. This change in the C.W.A. would let them designate a tiny creek or mud puddle on your property as a protected area and let them regulate how you use it. They could impose an additional "run-off" tax to any land use that is near any size body of water, arbitrarily, how ever they wish.

I'm sure businesses who contributed to the correct candidates would be allowed to operate as they wish but heaven help you if you donate to a conservative. The EPA will swarm all over your place of business like ants on an unattended picnic blanket.

There is no part of life in America that detestable democrats don't want control over.

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