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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Let's revisit the mostly absurd notion of diplomatic immunity

I wonder if one of us Americans broke the national safety laws of an Arab country, how far under the jail we'd be, right after they caned our ass?

The Qatari diplomat who caused a midair security scare won't face charges after claiming he was trying to light his shoes on fire when it appears he was simply smoking in the bathroom.

Passenger onboard United Airlines flight apparently tried to sneak a smoke. Federal officials said Mohammed al Modadi was on official business when he boarded United Airlines Flight 663 from Washington to Denver, giving him diplomatic immunity. A law firm spokesman told The Associated Press that al Modadi has been released and was headed back to Washington.

Diplomatic immunity....gimme a break! The other passengers should have beaten the crap out of this moron on principle alone.

Hat tip to FoxNews


Bill said...

We pretty much have to go along with the concept to protect our people overseas.

It leads to absurdities like this, but this guy may not get off so easily with his own people.

ed said...

Let's hope not. Do our diplomats get away with bad behavior in other contries because of immunity? I haven't heard any stories but, maybe they do.

Bill said...

It's not our diplomats getting away with bad behavior in other countries that's the worry. We have diplomats in all sorts of countries with questionable legal systems. Anyone can be framed and convicted by a corrupt legal system like they have in Venezuela for example. That's why what Iran did in 1979 was so bad - even countries going to war with each other had typically respected diplomatic immunity and merely deported the new enemy diplomats.

Whether such things as ignoring parking laws like the UN clowns do in NY should be covered is another matter.