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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Odd headline of the day

Remember the Sesame Street game..."Which of these things does not belong with the other ones" Let's play it today ourselves....here's the list and you pick out which one doesn't belong with the others....

Deep Sea oil derrick, US Coast Guard, US Navy, SWAT Team, British Petroleum Company representatives.

If you guessed SWAT Team, clearly you're brighter than our boy-genius President.....

Mr. Obama said SWAT teams were being dispatched to the Gulf to investigate oil rigs and said his administration is now working to determine the cause of the disaster.

What exactly do para-military attack squads know about investigating marine oil spills? BP is asking for American naval expertise in the areas of acoustic equipment, remote vehicles, and engineering expertise....none of which SWAT has any working knowledge.

I hate to be an alarmist but what could a SWAT team possibly do to assist in the investigation and clean-up of an oil spill in the middle of the Gulf? Is the administration going to seize this crisis, like they do all crises, as an opportunity to effectively take control of the petroleum industry in the US just as they did the car, banking, insurance, and healthcare industries? Just asking.

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