“The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name of ‘liberalism’ they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.”

Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Monday, December 30, 2013

I'm still on Ed Snowden's side

Until I hear about some actual damage or loss of American life due to the Snowden leaked documents, I believe him to be a whistle-blower rather than a traitor. Of course the government hacks will call him unpatriotic and criminal and treasonous, but as far as I can tell all he did was expose practices that the US government shouldn't have been doing....and that is spying on American citizens by collecting communications data without a specific reason to do so.

The US government has been hiding behind "counter terrorism" for too long as an excuse for the Patriot Act, warrantless wiretapping, and phone call collections. The potential for abuse far outweighs the possibility of stopping a terrorist act.

There isn't a politician or government hack alive that would hesitate for one second if plowing through a private citizen's phone records gave him a political advantage somehow.

Here's how I see the results of the Prism program in the future: Some citizen exposes a President, Senator, or CEO who's the friend of the President as a criminal of some kind and in order to shut him up and discredit him, the President's chief of staff tasks the NSA to plow through this poor guy's phone records for the past 20 years and then expose any questionable patterns they find.

That's how it'll happen. Pretending that there are rules in place is self-delusional in the extreme. If the Clinton's and Obama's can sick the IRS on political enemies, you don't think people like them in positions of power would hesitate to use the NSA to intimidate critics?

Here's Snowden's Hong Kong interview.......click on over to the 6:00 mark...or watch the whole thing and see if you don't agree.....


Afghan war, now less popular than root canals

A newly released poll of the American people shows that support for the 12-year long war in Afghanistan, if you can even call it a war rather than a quagmire, has dipped below 20% for the first time. It also reveals that most Americans want US troops out of Afghanistan before the Dec-2014 beginning of draw-down.

First, who're these a-holes who still support the war? 20% means that one out of every 5 people polled works at the Pentagon or for a defense contractor because they're the only ones who're enjoying this.

Can anybody tell me what we've accomplished in 12 years? Who have we gotten rid of that won't come back the day after we leave? I'll be happy to entertain any and all arguments for our continued participation in this costly fool's errand.

Climate-change dingbats on a mission to prove there's less ice, get stuck in ice....hahahahaha

In case you missed this bit of ironic hilarity over the weekend, a boatload of global-warming scientists, while gathering proof that global warming is shrinking the antarctic ice mass, got their ice-breaking ship stuck in the ice because the antarctic ice shelf was much larger and thicker than it's ever been. Heh heh heh.

The AP, Reuters, and all the major propaganda arms of the democrat party(ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC), all but ignored this juicy fact. As global warming sycophants, they cannot bring themselves to poke fun of morons who get themselves in trouble trying to validate what the world knows is a myth.

So join me in pointing and laughing at the ineptitude and stupidity of people who still think man has any effect at all on the climate of Earth.

Here we see a forlorn global-warming scientist, staring teary into the ice, and asking of God by way of his own reflection there, and therefor of himself by way of God, "Where did it all go wrong? What life decisions could I have made differently? I wonder if my shipmates will eat me first."

Phil Robertson has defenders aplenty, he needs more mockery

How's this for a bit of pop-culture irony?

Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty compared homosexuality to bestiality, and not in a good way ;-), but his whole life is dedicated to tricking ducks into thinking he wants to have sex with them.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sorry for the light posting......I have a good reason

So I should probably explain the dearth of posting over the holidays. It started with a weird medical day back on the 26th. I spent about 7 hours at an American Family Care to be seen about the unexplained swelling of my right calf and the low-grade fever that seemed to accompany it.(The resident clinic at UAB where I always go, had no appointments until like mid January.)

When they finally got back with the blood tests, my d-dimer level was elevated.....this is indicative of a possible blood clot. OK so the doctor delivering this news seemed a tad panicked and therefore so was I, because while other things can cause d-dimer to be elevated, none of them can kill you in the next 30 seconds.
Apparently "possible blood clot" triggers an automatic trip to the ER in order to rule that out first, and I felt lucky that I was able to convince him to let Dianne drive me there and not call an ambulance.
UAB did the ultrasound to test for clots and thankfully they came back completely negative, which left unexplained cellulitis as the cause of the swelling and fever. After a Vancomycin IV we were discharged from the ER at like 10:30.
In all the madness, I had forgotten to eat and realized I hadn't since 7:00 breakfast. Thankfully Wendy's is open 'till 1:00 and that Double with fries went down nicely.
It was a crap day to have spent it like that, but finding out I didn't have a blood clot was a relief.
So I guess you'll still have ol' Ed to kick around for the foreseeable future. Any way, I haven't felt much like writing since I've been sitting on the couch with my leg elevated watching movies and plowing through season 3 of Breaking Bad on Netflix for the past few days. 

I feel much better now and should be back tomorrow complaining about the government, full-time. 

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Dukes of Hazzard temptation level - 99

Heh heh, I would so consider this, especially if I were driving a souped-up muscle car like the General Lee.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Where Hershey's Kiss cookies come from

This is what the Elf on the Shelf does when you're not looking.

Try to get this image out of your head when you eat chocolate-kiss cookies over the holidays.

Merry Christmas.   ;-)

Neither Dixie Chicks or Phil Robertson situation are free-speech issues

Liberals predictably are incorrectly pointing out that the Dixie Chicks were treated unfairly, that their free speech rights were violated, and they got censored, all by the same people who're supporting Phil Robertson. 

The two situations are different and neither represent a free-speech issue. What happened to the Dixie Chicks was simply a market function. Patriotic country-music fans didn't like Natalie Mains apologizing for President Bush to a European audience and stopped buying their records and concert tickets. They weren't censored by the government. They were censored by their audience.

Phil Robertson's situation is 
not quite the same thing. He said something controversial and his employer punished him for it, not his audience. The irony is that the liberals who defended the Dixie Chicks on free-speech grounds are the same people who applauded A&E pulling Robertson off the air, thereby depriving him of the same speech. 

Supporters in both situations who're complaining about their first amendment rights to free speech should read the Constitution. It limits the government's regulation of speech, not the consequences of that speech. 

Sure, everybody has the right to free speech, but because speech is free doesn't mean that it doesn't come with possible consequences.....there's a huge difference between free speech and consequence-free speech. 

The Dixie Chicks wanted consequence-free speech, I think the Robertson clan understand and accept that Phil's public speech might come with negative consequences and they're prepared to live with that. The Dixie Chicks insulted their audience by offering directed personal criticism during their concert, and then got pissed off when that audience dared not continue buying their records.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Irony, in criminal form

Retailer TARGET reports that tens of millions of its customers may have had their credit and debit card information stolen. 

If only there was a term for choosing a specific group of people for directed criminal action.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I have no use for Paul Ryan

I'm kind of done with Paul Ryan. He colluded with Sen. democrat Patty Murray to use Obama-like gimmicks to double-count savings and vastly underestimate costs to their "bipartisan" 10 year budget bill. Just a cursory glance shows an actual increase in the deficit by $15B and nobody's even looked through the bill thoroughly yet.

I had my doubts about him when he teamed up with Romney, now I'm sure. Paul Ryan is a big-spending, big-government republican just like Boehner, Cantor, McCain, Romney, and Bush. And I have no use for any of them.

If the GOP machine trots out Ryan in 2016, I'll be sitting this one out.

Here he is, colluding with senate democrat Patty Murray to screw over the American people yet again.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Dan Bognino, one of the few who understand

This is Dan Bongino and he's running for congress in Maryland-6th.

An open letter to the establishment GOP.

I am serving you with divorce papers. For those who are unaware of what happened, the establishment wing of the Party has openly declared war on the grassroots. For those who say this fight is hurting the Republican "brand" I reply; it is those on both sides of the aisle who have betrayed their principles in the name of Party, that have destroyed their "brands". 

As for the GOP, we used to stand for something; a lean, effective government, vibrant and robust individual liberty, and a passionate defense of the value of hard work and a commensurate respect for your wages by consistently fighting for your right to keep more of them. Where do you stand now? I know where the grassroots does. 

This is our Party and we will demonstrate to the people we hope to represent that there is a group of people out there who refuse to be part of any "managed decline". We will only be part of a spectacular American resurrection. 

America's best days are ahead and you and your fellow insiders and cronyists and "Party before country" loyalists, on both sides of the aisle, can bathe in your titles and power now but understand that I, and many others, have dedicated our lives to draining the dirty water from the bathtub. 

Consider yourself served.

I left the GOP around 2006 because I could no longer see much difference, if any, between the democrats and the establishment republicans who run the party. They're all DC insiders and they're all corrupt to the point that party loyalty and incumbency protection are the two most important items in their lives. The good of the country is way down the list.

Bognino understands the difference between the establishment GOP and the TEA Party conservatives. And you can toss us Libertarians into the mix of folks who're disgusted with the current GOP as much as we are with liberals.

Affluenza doesn't exist, just horrible parenting

This is the privileged A-hole on the right who got drunk and killed the four people on the left, but who won't serve any jail time because the judge bought the preposterous defense that he was a victim of "affluenza" or, he was so rich and spoiled by his parents that he didn't know right from wrong.

Would any sane person buy that defense when the loss of 4 lives occurred? Can we not as a civilized society expect somebody to be given the responsibility when something like this happens. Fine, if you are stupid enough to believe the boy shouldn't have to go to jail for a good long time, then are his parents not to blame for not teaching him basic human behavior in the modern world?

Somebody should go to jail, if not the kid, then both parents and put the kid in a state orphanage until he's 18, then kick him out on the street with just enough money for bus fare and a sandwich.

The families of the victims will surely go after the kid's family for wrongful death settlements or judgments, but if this happened to my family and the kid got off, I'd find a way to end his life and maybe his parents too.

Biden embarrasses himself and everybody around him

Alright gals, what's the only reason for you to cover a man's hands with your own when he's standing behind you like this, even if he is the VP? 

This is Aime Parnes a reporterette for The Hill newspaper and we all know what the lech Biden is up to. Good grief, this guy wants to be Prez?

Friday, December 13, 2013

Apparently the king has no testicles either....heh heh

So this is the final chapter of Flirt-gate in South Africa between Obama, Norway's PM, and a pissed off Michelle. Apparently during the seventh inning-stretch of Mandela's funeral, Michelle made Obama switch seats with her and then made him... put on an embarrassing display of public affection for her benefit. Does Obama even have testicles? I say no, Michelle keeps them in a silk purse in her handbag...heh heh.

I think I'm gonna hurl.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Obama, the boy President

Does this look like the somber observance of the death of a great world leader?

What it looks like is an adolescent frat boy with no manners, shamelessly flirting with a woman, as his clearly pissed off wife fumes beside him. Obama humiliated his wife like this in front of something like 81 foreign heads of state, various important dignitaries, and the whole world on TV.

Would like to have been a fly on the wall when Michelle got him in private back on AF1.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My thoughts on the minimum wage, in a pic

As you know, I'm a harsh critic of the existence of a minimum wage and an even harsher critic of those who think they have the right to force their employers, from whom the government already extorts money on their behalf, to pay them even more for doing the same menial work. Well, instead of going over it for the umpteenth time, I'll just let this picture speak for me.....

 Heh heh, this pretty much sums it up nicely. 

Obama snaps selfie at Mandela funeral

Here's President Obama reverently representing the US at the somber funeral of Nelson Mandela today.....just kidding, he's mugging for selfies with David Cameron and an unnamed hottie blonde chick. He's such a narcissist, notice how he's got to be in control of the camera to make sure he looks his best in the pic.

How disrespectful our adolescent in chief is. Everything's about him.

Monday, December 09, 2013

The narcissist in chief

The narcissist in chief marked Pearl Harbor Day the same way he marks every historical day of remembrance, with a picture of himself of course. And with worshipful dingleberries in the media like Chris Mathews to kiss his ass, why not?

US foreign bribery, a colossal waste of money we cannot afford

It is appalling to me how little return we get for our foreign bribery(aid). Many of the nations on which we shower taxpayer money secretly despise us or, as in the cases of Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, Palestine, and others, are openly hostile toward us. I realize the budget for bribing countries to pretend to like us is a drop in the overall budget bucket, but the symbolism of wasting money like that seriously grates on me.

We aren't helping to feed the starving, house the poor. medicate the sick, or educate the stupid. We are bribing the rich officials who run these despotic countries to 1: let us put military bases there, 2:not publicly criticize US policies, regardless of how idiotic and self serving they may be, and 3:pretend to support our "coalition" when we invade the next third-world shithole to conduct regime change and impose our particular brand of democracy on them whether they want it or not.

I agree with Rick Perry's idea that all, ALL foreign bribery be re-evaluated each and every year. We ask, "What have you done for America lately"? If the answer is "not much", then the bribery money stops and you can starve to death for all we care. We'll ask again in a year.

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

What is the proper function of government?

A good friend of mine over on Facebook posted this today and I thought in the age of Obama and his drive toward a collectivist oligarchy, this is as an appropriate question as any. What follows is a post by one of his friends which together paint an awfully bleak picture of our current government. Thanks Dion.......

What is the function of the United States government? Not its purpose as set forth in our founding documents, but the function it actually performs today. When pondering such questions, I always follow the money. In other words, I look at the budget. In my opinion, the function of the United States government is to redistribute wealth from productive citizens to a recipient class comprising certain protected categories of persons and those not working, as evidenced by the two-thirds of the budget that is allocated to wealth transfers. This includes wealth created by fiat, which comprises over 40% of the budget, because productive citizens must ultimately bear the inflationary costs of such policies. What do you think the function is of our government?

This is the comment by Dion's friend Adi.....

Dion, you have nailed what the function IS. I hereby post what the function of the 

government SHOULD be, with attribution to Milton Friedman
"Government has three primary functions. It should provide for military defense of the

nation. It should enforce contracts between individuals. It should protect citizens from

crimes against themselves or their property. When government-- in pursuit of good 

intentions tries to rearrange the economy, legislate morality, or help special interests, the 

cost come in inefficiency, lack of motivation, and loss of freedom. Government should be a

referee, not an active player."

Exit question: how many democrat voters have ever in their lifetimes asked, "What is the legitimate purpose and function of government, and how far has our current government deviated from that.?

Thanks guys. 

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Thorium fuel.....Earth's ticket to galactic inclusion

If Earth is ever to advance into what is certainly a burgeoning galactic community, we'll have to develop a fuel that is not fossil or nuclear as fossil fuels are the source of most wars, and nuclear is easily weaponized. I think this is the reason why aliens haven't contacted us yet.....we're too primitive.

Thorium-90, one of the densest elements, is a promising fuel source that would eliminate entirely industrial-age fossil fuels as well as dangerous Uranium-based nuclear fuels. Elon Musk should apply his considerable intellect full-time to this project.

I'm hopeful that if we perfect Thorium fuel and abandon fossil and nuclear fission as fuels, and in doing so solve virtually all the problems we have, the galactic community will embrace Earth as advanced enough to be invited to the party.

If we continue warring and killing each other over energy sources, the galactic community will continue to keep us isolated so as not to contaminate the peaceful space civilizations with our primitive, miscreant ways.

Monday, December 02, 2013

In-flight cell phone use is a bad idea....socially

The FCC is considering abandoning its ban on cell phone use before and during commercial air travel, but the government is thinking of stepping in and making rules itself. As it turns out, there is no danger to the airplane communication and cell phone use will not make the plane crash as we've been led to believe.

Look, I already hate my fellow passengers as it is. Being forced to listen to one or more of them have a one-sided conversation during an entire, say 2 hour flight, and I might strangle somebody.

People who use cell phones in public places where there are lots of people in close quarters are attention starved assholes who want everybody to overhear their conversation, but pretend they don't. The jerks who'll use cell phones on airplanes are the same people who glare at you for not keeping quiet so they can have a conversation on the elevator, or who can't put their phone down long enough to interact with a cashier at the Piggly Wiggly, or who kill people because they can't not be talking to their best girl friend driving from mall to shopping mall.

All that said, it's not the government's decision when you can and cannot use your cell phones. It's entirely up to the airline so let's hope they decide to discourage cell phone use during the flight. Most passengers hate listening to other peoples' cell phone calls and I suspect if an airline bans in-flight use, that airline will get lots of business until the rest follow suit.

NFL is decidedly anti-gun

Here's the Daniel's Defense ad that the NFL didn't want shown during the Superbowl.....


A benign ad for a gun manufacturer that espouses family and safety is not allowed, but a mostly naked slut eating a hamburger, ADT commercials that would terrify children, and always raunchy half-time shows are OK?

The NFL has a right to allow or not allow whatever ads it wants, but don't pretend that the silhouette of a gun is too scary for children or too political, when it allows dimwitted Bob Costas a full 3 minute anti-gun soliloquy during the season.

There was a time when blacks and whites and homosexuals couldn't kiss on TV, and jokes about masturbation, infidelity, and rampant porn references weren't allowed(and that's just a fair description of the Superbowl halftime show). Isn't it about time that gun manufacturers and retailers be part of the mainstream ad paradigm?

Friday, November 29, 2013

The scourge of creeping Sharia

It's been a while since we reported on the menace known as "creeping Sharia". Well, it's time to revisit it. The Minneapolis YMCA is making all its pools Sharia-compliant to accommodate the practice time of a swim team composed of Somali girls ages 7-15.

All other swimmers are kicked out of the pool, the men's locker room door is locked, and female lifeguards are brought in. Can you imagine the outrage from the ACLU and Godless democrats if a Christian organization wanted to have any, ANY special privileges for its swim team on the same basis of modesty?

If America is so immodest for delicate Muslim girls, then why did their families move here from Somalia in the first place....I mean other than to take full advantage of our absurdly generous welfare programs?

Why should American traditions and customs be supplanted in favor of the flaky, backward customs of a primitive cult that views women as property?

This is how "Sharia creep" starts. Little by little they guilt us into changing to accommodate them until one day we don't remember our own customs anymore. We're living as they do.

Have you ever seen anything so stupid as Muslim women swimming?

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Carpet bombing scares the crap out of everybody, even the Chinese

The US has very publicly sided with Japan in their dispute with China over territory Japan calls the Senkaku islands in the east China sea, by flying two B-52's over what China calls it's "air defense identification zone". 

I don't really care about these islands, but what I do care about is if we can afford an arms race with China, which things are shaping up to be. China has already prepared it's first air craft carrier for sea-worthiness trials in a couple of years. They've build allegedly advanced fighter aircraft, and their standing army is huge with relatively modern weaponry. I would't want to tangle with them over some remote island in the west Pacific. We'll tangle with them over Taiwan for sure. 

China clearly does not want any military engagement, no matter how limited, with the US. They own too much of our debt and erasing that would surely be part of our strategy. But a weakened and beholden US could entice China into attempting to reclaim Taiwan or these islands or other disputed territories. We'd have to react if our allies in the region asked us to. 

Still, not much causes men to quake in their boots like the prospect of being on the business end of a carpet-bombing run of 500lb ordinance.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Russian-style performance/statement art is not for me

Regular reader Dave sent this in over the weekend. Crazy Russians are, well, crazy! This guy nailed his scrotum to the cobblestones at a......actually, where does it matter? He nailed his scrotum to the street. 
Pyotr Pavlensky said the protest was his response to Russia's descent into a "police state" and was timed to coincide with Police Day, which Russia's law enforcement officials celebrated on Sunday.
"The performance can be seen as a metaphor for the apathy, political indifference and fatalism of contemporary Russian society," Pavlensky said in a statement. "As the government turns the country into one big prison, stealing from the people and using the money to grow and enrich the police apparatus and other repressive structures, society is allowing this, and forgetting its numerical advantage, is bringing the triumph of the police state closer by its inaction."
If there's a better reason to stay away from performance/statement art, I haven't seen one. Yikes!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Cancellation of NCIS-L.A. in 3.....2......1

I don't watch NCIS-LA and pretty soon nobody else will be either. The idiots producing the show decided that they would use it as a mouthpiece to give the Obama administration cover with the TV viewing public.

First they introduced a new character who is an NSA analyst who went to great lengths to convince the audience that the NSA only spies on citizens if a search warrant has been issued. On this weeks episode, the team battles a far-right wing fringe terrorist group whose symbol is the Gadsden flag(yellow with "Don't Tread on Me"). Clearly they have targeted the Tea Party as a fringe terrorist group despite not a single reported incidence of violence at any Tea Party gathering. Contrast that with the rampant violence and general law breaking and anti-social behavior from any liberal gathering of 3 or more people.

Even dumb liberals don't like to be preached to in their TV shows and I predict the end of NCIS-L.A. is near as viewership will begin to drop sharply as people realize they might as well be watching what passes for news on MSNBC if NCIS is basically the same thing.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sorry for the light posting the last few days. There seems to be an infection of some sort either in my computer, the hosting site Blogger, or somewhere as ads from BetterSurf keep closing some windows such as Drudge and the "compose post" window in Blogger, but not others.

I'm trying to resolve the issue with the department IT guy and hopefully it'll get cleaned up shortly. Until then I have to use a different computer or wait until I get home, which is where I'm writing this.

Computers are such a pain in the ass!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Toure' has the right skin color, but not the intellect

MSNBC's Toure' Neblett possesses the only qualification to be given air time in the main stream media......his politically favorable skin color. Because it certainly isn't his knowledge of rudimentary American civics. He stated on TV that democrat senators from red states are struggling politically with Obamacare because conniving republicans have gerrymandered their districts. 

Toure' must have been learning how to recycle or put condoms on cucumbers in the 6th grade instead of paying attention in civics class. The 17th amendment states that the senators are elected by, and represent, the entire state. They don't have districts. 

What an idiot! He never once considers the fact that everybody hates Obamacare and that we'll hold senators and congressmen electorally accountable for foisting it on us, despite our opposition. 

EPA - practically the fourth branch of government

7 northeast states have filed in court to force the EPA to regulate "indoor/outdoor wood boilers" because they create unhealthy levels of particulate matter. Wood boilers must be a Yankee contraption because I've never heard of them. Is that like a wood-burning stove?

I wonder how the language will read, specifically if it will be so broad as to include wood-burning fire places? It wouldn't surprise me if the EPA banned burning wood on behalf of global warming or some other imagined menace.

Enjoy your fireplace this winter because you might be a criminal if you do it next year.

Friday, November 15, 2013

What's in Ed's iPod?

So with the nation perpetually at war, Washington in crisis over healthcare, and Jen Aniston maybe or maybe not pregnant, you must be wondering like me, "Where did it all go wrong"?

But why ponder the Hegelian dialectic that defines our world when you can escape with some fly tunes like the ones I'm listening to. You could do a lot worse than sitting back in your tiny office cubicle and wasting your employer's valuable work time listening to these musical stylings from the alternative genre:

Divine Fits
The National
Cold War Kids
We As Human
Kate Walsh
The Fratellis
Of Monsters and Men

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Black mob violence goes largely unreported by MSM

These are the four suspects in a beating case from the Lower East Side where four thugs entered a Korean convenience store, tried to steal soda drinks, and when the owner confronted them, beat the crap out of him with their skateboards, breaking bones in his face and possibly destroying one of his eyes.

I was hard-pressed to find a description of the perps other than "youths", "young men", or just "suspects". Clearly the media, across the board, are engaged in a concerted effort to downplay the rampant crime wave by groups of young black people across the nation in cities large and small.

Blacks as criminals doesn't fit the media narrative of black = virtuous and noble, while white = evil, corrupt, and deserving of punishment.

If you want to learn more about the shocking truth about rampant, black mob violence against non-blacks, check out Colin Flaherty's book WhiteGirlBleedaLot.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

HealthSherpa.com -- remove government and suddenly things are easy and cheap

With a $0 budget, like 5 days, and presumably some pizza a beer, these three 20 year olds built a fully functional healthcare website called TheHealthSherpa.com. You plug in your zip, select from the price options and off you go to purchase a plan. Click on the link and try it.

What in the name of logic and sanity made Obama spend $634Billion and 3 years on an entire company of complete and utter morons to fail to do the exact same thing? The level of sheer incompetence in this administration borders on the criminal. Add the repeated bald-faced lying that Obama, Carney, and Sibelius did and how do they stay out of jail? Answer, because democrat voters and the media are so obsequious when it comes to Obama, that he or anybody in his administration can commit virtually any sin and they will still support him.

How horribly depressing it must be as a democrat voter and have to live every day knowing that you've sold your soul to prop up an America-hating, adolescent community agitator without a single professional accomplishment, other than bamboozling people into electing him, as your President.

Abby Huntsman - not even a token conservative

Abby Huntsman, dingleberry daughter of backstabbing RINO Jon Huntsman, will be joining MSNBC as a "conservative voice of reason". Please!

She tweeted recently, "Every time I see Hillary, I feel inspired". 

If obsequiously kissing Hillary's ass is what passes for conservative reason, then you know how far down the rabbit hole and into the cesspool of liberal moonbattery that station has fallen.

Abby might be easy on the eyes, but she's still a barking moonbat.

James O'Keefe is the new sheriff in town

James O'Keefe at Project Veritas hits another home run by exposing the criminal-level corruption going on with these Obamacare navigators.

These dishonest morons were plucked from ACORN and other organizations loyal to Obama, and who, like virtually every low-level government drone, are lazy, shiftless, degenerates who are more than happy to help you lie, cheat, and defraud your way through the system.

Apparently James O'Keefe has a number of these Obamacare video stings which he's going to release one at a time just like he did when he humiliated the utterly corrupt ACORN organization, Obama's pet organization.

Monday, November 11, 2013

John McCain tries to remain relevant

John McCain must be getting senile. He reported that thousands of people are urging him to run for President again in 2016.......run as what, a democrat?

Won't he be like 104 by then. I think it's far more likely that Cindy and Meghan McCain did a mass mailing to the senator's office themselves pretending to be enthused voters.

After 4 terms in the Senate of 6 years each, Cindy doesn't want him piddling around the house 24/7 cramping her style. And poor Meghan needs her daddy to be in the Senate or nobody in Washington will invite her to the B-list cocktail parties or hire her to attack conservatives as a useful idiot of the leftist media.

It's just as likely that McCain is just trying to remain relevant in DC for as long as possible by stirring up some talk about his running again.

Woman feeds cougar one last meal

Big cat sanctuary worker, Renee Radziwon-Chapman, 36, was mauled to death over the weekend by a cougar when she entered an enclosure with the cats inside, not in the separation cage as they're supposed to be.

I imagine Renee was feeling emboldened with the empowerment and independence that comes from hyphenating her name, but mountain lions don't much care about that. To them, she was an easy meal, nothing more.

This image is probably the last one poor Renee saw.....that's a shame.

Be careful before you donate

Before you decide which "charities" will receive your donations this year, have a look at this chart. (Click on the image to enlarge)

Charity is a big business in the US. While we do a lot of good with the money Americans give, there is a lot of personal profit being made at the same time. Be careful to whom you donate.

Note: I have not vetted this data. You should be responsible for researching whatever charity you give money to.

Friday, November 08, 2013

Ashton Kutcher hits it out of the park again

Ashton Kutcher talks to Ellen about the value of hard work and the rising entitlement society.....


You know there are other celebrities who think the same way. I wonder if Ashton speaking the unspeakable in Hollywood will motivate others to speak out as well. They won't speak out directly against any specific person, but they might speak out, like Kutcher, in opposition to specific behaviors to which it's not difficult to assign to specific people or political parties.

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Dumb, dismayed liberals get a sobering dose of Obamacare medicine

Meet JoEllen and Lee Brothers of California, 59 and 60 respectively, active Obama-democrats and in good health. They were paying $550/month for health insurance until Kaiser-Permenente cancelled their policy because it didn't meet Obama-care requirements. Now they're dismayed to be paying over twice as much for a crappier policy they settled for on the Obamacare exchange.....hahahahahahaha.

The pendulum of authoritarian government coercion swings both ways, retards. It doesn't just crush red-state conservatives, it crushes the blissfully stupid morons who voted for it in the first place too. 

That's right, keep grinning like idiots and scratch another check.

If the media want Christie as the GOP nominee in 2016, they'll make it happen

Rand Paul said yesterday that a moderate republican like Chris Christie has little chance to get the GOP nomination for President because the early path is through some very conservative primary states. 

I'll remind Sen. Paul that if the verminous media get behind Christie the way they got behind McCain and Romney, they can install him as the GOP nominee if they want to. Most voters watch the news media, then head to the polls to vote.....it's sad but true. Then the media will crucify Christie in favor of who ever the democrat is, presumably Hillary. Plus, as soon as the midterms are over, I'll bet we see Christie move decidedly right in his national rhetoric. 

Who would have ever dreamed that a two-bit community agitator without a single professional accomplishment of note who spent like 5 minutes in the US Senate, could be installed by the media into the white house on the basis of his skin color alone? 

You don't think they can orchestrate a Christie nomination of they want? Sit back and watch them.

Dumb girls in UK dress as Twin Towers.....FoxNews outrage in 3...2...1

These two 19 year old Univ. of Chester students in the UK won a costume award for dressing as the Twin Towers on 9/11. Of course everybody's outraged. No doubt Hannity will spear-head FoxNews's outrage over it, but who really cares? The girls said that 1, they wanted to dress as a recognizable contemporary news event and 2, it wasn't meant to lampoon the event itself......undeniably successful on #1 and I believe them on #2.

Was it tasteless? Obviously.
Was it offensive? Certainly.
Is this what we expect from irreverent college students? Of course.
Disregarding your hurt feelings, were the costumes creative? Absolutely.
Was anybody harmed other than those who're excruciatingly sensitive and demand that everybody revere 9/11 as sacrosanct? No.

Everybody get over it.

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Clinton v Christie in 2016 already?

Based on what I'm seeing in the media today, including Drudge, it's as if Hillary Clinton and Chris Christie have already been nominated to represent their respective parties in the presidential race of 2016.

I don't know if I can get behind another moderate, go-along republican. Dole, Bush, McCain, and Romney were all moderate, go-along republicans and I wasn't enthusiastic about any of them. Christie would have to tack significantly to the right, maybe even toward a more libertarian view for me to actively support his campaign.

If he moves toward the center, which is the prescribed MO of GOP candidates who want to win general elections, then I might sit this one out.

Takeaway's from last night's elections in New Jersey and Virginia

So Ken Cuccinelli lost his bid to become the governor of Virginia by a slim 1.4% points. Here are the reasons why:

1: A billionaire bundler for Obama financed the ridiculous campaign of a supposed Libertarian and dumb Virginians fell for it with 6% of the vote. Without him pretending to run for governor, Cuccinelli wins easily.

2: Establishment republicans in DC abandoned Cuccinelli, probably because he was the first state AG to file an anti-Obamacare lawsuit. Clearly he was not going to play ball with entrenched, beltway RINO's, while Mcauliffe is an old-school DC insider from the Clinton administration with whom republicans like McCain, Boehner, Cantor, etc are comfortable as the governor closest geographically to DC.

And 3: It's possible, if not likely, that Virginians saw Cuccinelli as a tad too ideological. And that spells trouble for TEA-party conservatives in 40 governor's races and hundreds of House races in the mid-terms. I think ideological conservatives might have a tough time getting majority votes in moderate(read battle-ground) states.

What am I going to do you ask? If I vote at all, I'll vote for the most Libertarian candidate in every race and I refuse to vote for a milquetoast republican, especially at the national level.

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

If Virginian's elect Mcauliffe, they deserve what they get

Note: I have no idea what happened to the formatting of this post but to save my own life I cannot get it to post in simple Times New Roman font and without caps lock on. Stupid Blogger software. I'm thinking of changing hosts anyway. 

As Virginia voters go to the polls today to vote for governor, we learn that democrat and Clinton hatchet-man Terry Mcauliffe enjoyed the support of Austin, Texas, software billionaire Joe Liemandt, an Obama campaign bundler who financed the Libertarian candidate's entire campaign in order to split the republican vote. Any votes for Robert C. Jarvis are likely to be votes taken away from the republican Ken Cuccinelli. 

Obama's dirty hands are all over this. Why would an Obama-bundler in Texas help out with the Virginia gubernatorial race by financing a libertarian to split the conservative votes? Only one reason, because Obama told him to. 

If Virginia voters as so stupid not to see this and they vote for Mcauliffe anyway, then they deserve everything that happens to them.

Abraham Lincoln was not a democrat

There is no lie so pernicious that democrats won't tell it as long as it fits into their warped, revisionist model of history. The Jacob Carruthers Center for Inner City Studies of Northeastern Illinois University installed this plaque on one of their new buildings with the absurd lie that Abraham Lincoln was a democrat. 

Even dumb public school graduates know that Lincoln was the first Republican President. So either the morons who wrote it are too stupid to know their error, or they intentionally recast Lincoln as a democrat because everybody knows republicans hate black people. 

If Lincoln isn't portrayed as a democrat in the dreadful Common Core curriculum, he certainly won't be outed as a republican lest it confuse the brainwashing of America's children. I wonder how many black children know that fact and how many don't know that it's always been democrats who've mistreated black people in America, not republicans? 

Common Core: treachery in the classroom

There are few things more treacherous and vile as the brainwashing by the government, of children to hate even themselves because of how they were born. And nothing exemplifies this more than Common Core teaching. Skip over to about 1:50 and listen to this "teacher" explain how white privilege should be taught to white kids so they feel appropriately guilty for being white......


If you can get your kids out of public primary and middle schools that teach Common Core, do it. If you can't, read all materials your kid brings home and make sure you correct the tripe they are being taught.

Weak minded people are easily controlled and none are weaker than those who hate themselves.

Monday, November 04, 2013

Grumpy cat is not sympathetic

Like me, Grumpy Cat mocks Obama voters.....

Artist turns tables on NSA bullies

A brilliant graphic artist Dan McCall designed this T-shirt logo to sell after the Ed Snowden story broke and the NSA listening programs were exposed. Well, the NSA was not amused and tried to intimidate him into ceasing his shirt sales.

Sometimes bullies pick on the wrong kid.

McCall is suing the NSA for infringing on his 1st amendment right to free speech. GO DAN!

I want one of these T-shirts.....

Thursday, October 31, 2013

From girl to cartoon in 37 seconds

This is why women have an unrealistic expectations of appearance. I'd be willing to bet that there isn't even 1 out of 100 advertisement images that aren't dramatically photoshopped. I blame the fashion and cosmetic industries that claim to be all about the empowerment and independence of women as they are, not as they are expected to be by men. But men expect women to look like this too. I mean we see the same advertisements they do.

Still, this model, now unrecognizable as herself, is virtually a cartoon by the time the shop artist is finished with her. And everything about her is believably rendered except for her alien-like anime' eyes. That's a give away.


Halloween teaching moment

Never pass up a teaching opportunity with your kids. You don't have to actually take their candy away, just present them with a "what-if" scenario, that should do the trick. Then explain how that translates into the policies of the modern democrat party.

Finally, tell them you have to take their bag away for a minute to check all their candy for razor blades, needles, and drugs as you pilfer through it for the candy you want for yourself. ;-)

Hat tip to Hotair.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Suburban encroachment has consequences

I'm certainly no environmentalist in general, but I have to agree with the sentiment of this poster. It was inevitable that suburban sprawl would result in negative encounters between wild animals and humans....and it's the fault of the humans not the animals.

This is why I express little or no sympathy (that is if I'm not cheering for the animals outright) when people wind up injured or dead in an encounter with a wild animal.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

"Entitlements", with few exceptions, are really just handouts

We should stop calling Welfare, Food-stamps, Section-8 housing, etc., entitlements. That word implies that those receiving them are entitled to them, simply by being poor. They are not. Every penny that the government gives to one citizen has been taken by force from the citizen who first earned it. In what collectivist fantasy is anybody entitled to what others have earned?  

Included on the list of entitlement programs are VA benefits and Social Security benefits.....THESE are entitlements because the citizens receiving them paid for them. They are entitled to receive them.

We should call hand out programs what they are.....HANDOUTS. At most those who receive handouts are fortunate to receive charity from those who earned that money and for which they should be eternally thankful.

Obama exposed as a liar, but we already knew that

Most of us knew it all along, but now the Obama regime is having to admit that they planned for as many as 75% of Americans being kicked off their current insurance plans. That means that every time Obama stood on the podium and read off the teleprompter, "If you like your insurance plan, you can keep your insurance plan.", he was lying and knew he was lying. 

What does that say about the contempt and disdain a President has for the little people over whom he rules, that he would repeatedly lie to our faces? Among specific flaws of his, it demonstrates the collectively, democrats, specifically Pelosi and Reid, are piece-of-shit liars too, as are all politicians who voted for the ACA. 

I wonder how many Americans will remain willfully stupid enough to vote democrat again in 2014 and 2016? Plenty, I'm sure.  

Monday, October 28, 2013

Chickens come home to roost for idiot Obamacare voters

An idiot Californian who voted for Obama in part because of his Obamacare promise, found out the hard way what that vote meant when her healthcare bill went up by 50%. Here she encapsulates the mindset of typical democrat voters by whining, 

"I was all for Obamacare until I found out I was paying for it". 

That's right sweetie, voting democrat is all good as long as somebody else picks up the tab. Now live with it, moron!

The American police state under Obama

This is Audrey Hudson, a Washington Times reporter who wrote a half dozen articles, rightly disparaging of the TSA's air marshal program. A few days ago at 4:30 in the morning, Home.Sec. thugs in full combat gear stormed into the Maryland house she shares with her husband, with a warrant to search for unregistered firearms and a potato gun. There were no firearms or potato gun, but what they did find were 5 files on the TSA and her personal notes on the air marshals, which they left with after terrorizing the couple by holding them by force in their own kitchen while they ransacked their home. 

This was a clear intimidation signal to other reporters to cool it with the criticism of the TSA or this could happen to them too. What kind of police state do we live in that the federal government can have armed police storm the home of, and terrify a reporter because they don't like what she reported?

Obamacare website company rife with corruption

What do you get when you combine corruption, hubris, cronyism with a dash of affirmative action? Why the Obama administration's business plan for doing everything. Read this and become enraged at what our government has become......

From Moonbattery --
Toni Townes-Whitley, Princeton class of ’85, is senior vice president at CGI Federal, which earned the no-bid contract to build the $678 million Obamacare enrollment website at Healthcare.gov. CGI Federal is the U.S. arm of a Canadian company.
Townes-Whitley and her Princeton classmate Michelle Obama are both members of the Association of Black Princeton Alumni.
Toni Townes ’85 is a onetime policy analyst with the General Accounting Office and previously served in the Peace Corps in Gabon, West Africa. Her decision to return to work, as an African-American woman, after six years of raising kidswas applauded by a Princeton alumni publication in 1998
George Schindler, the president for U.S. and Canada of the Canadian-based CGI Group, CGI Federal’s parent company, became an Obama 2012 campaign donor after his company gained the Obamacare website contract.
As reported by the Washington Examiner in early October, the Department of Health and Human Services reviewed only CGI’s bid for the Obamacare account.

There is little worse than a government that steals hundreds of millions from the people it claims to represent, showers its friends with it, then lies about having done so. 

Why was a task as large as the Obamacare website on a no-bid contract? For no other reason than Michelle wanted it to go to her Princeton classmate. 

Why didn't Kathleen Sebelius review bids from other companies much more capable of building a website for a fraction of the cost? For no reason other than Obama told her not to so Michelle's pal could get all that money. 
Why did George Schindler suddenly become an Obama donor after the contract award? Because that's how quid-pro-quo in DC works, I give you taxpayer money under the pretense of a government contract with the clear but unspoken understanding that you give some of it back to me under the pretense of campaign donations.