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Friday, November 22, 2013

Cancellation of NCIS-L.A. in 3.....2......1

I don't watch NCIS-LA and pretty soon nobody else will be either. The idiots producing the show decided that they would use it as a mouthpiece to give the Obama administration cover with the TV viewing public.

First they introduced a new character who is an NSA analyst who went to great lengths to convince the audience that the NSA only spies on citizens if a search warrant has been issued. On this weeks episode, the team battles a far-right wing fringe terrorist group whose symbol is the Gadsden flag(yellow with "Don't Tread on Me"). Clearly they have targeted the Tea Party as a fringe terrorist group despite not a single reported incidence of violence at any Tea Party gathering. Contrast that with the rampant violence and general law breaking and anti-social behavior from any liberal gathering of 3 or more people.

Even dumb liberals don't like to be preached to in their TV shows and I predict the end of NCIS-L.A. is near as viewership will begin to drop sharply as people realize they might as well be watching what passes for news on MSNBC if NCIS is basically the same thing.

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Anonymous said...

Your bio claims RESEARCH but you don't seem to know how to do any. The new character Emily Wickersham as NSA Analyst Eleanor “Ellie” Bishop, joins the prime show NCIS, not NCIS LA. If you boast things like research in your Blogger bio, make sure you actually get the story right first.