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Monday, November 11, 2013

John McCain tries to remain relevant

John McCain must be getting senile. He reported that thousands of people are urging him to run for President again in 2016.......run as what, a democrat?

Won't he be like 104 by then. I think it's far more likely that Cindy and Meghan McCain did a mass mailing to the senator's office themselves pretending to be enthused voters.

After 4 terms in the Senate of 6 years each, Cindy doesn't want him piddling around the house 24/7 cramping her style. And poor Meghan needs her daddy to be in the Senate or nobody in Washington will invite her to the B-list cocktail parties or hire her to attack conservatives as a useful idiot of the leftist media.

It's just as likely that McCain is just trying to remain relevant in DC for as long as possible by stirring up some talk about his running again.

1 comment:

David said...

A Miley Cyrus move.

Time for John to go to the house.