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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Thursday, November 07, 2013

If the media want Christie as the GOP nominee in 2016, they'll make it happen

Rand Paul said yesterday that a moderate republican like Chris Christie has little chance to get the GOP nomination for President because the early path is through some very conservative primary states. 

I'll remind Sen. Paul that if the verminous media get behind Christie the way they got behind McCain and Romney, they can install him as the GOP nominee if they want to. Most voters watch the news media, then head to the polls to vote.....it's sad but true. Then the media will crucify Christie in favor of who ever the democrat is, presumably Hillary. Plus, as soon as the midterms are over, I'll bet we see Christie move decidedly right in his national rhetoric. 

Who would have ever dreamed that a two-bit community agitator without a single professional accomplishment of note who spent like 5 minutes in the US Senate, could be installed by the media into the white house on the basis of his skin color alone? 

You don't think they can orchestrate a Christie nomination of they want? Sit back and watch them.

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