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Monday, November 18, 2013

EPA - practically the fourth branch of government

7 northeast states have filed in court to force the EPA to regulate "indoor/outdoor wood boilers" because they create unhealthy levels of particulate matter. Wood boilers must be a Yankee contraption because I've never heard of them. Is that like a wood-burning stove?

I wonder how the language will read, specifically if it will be so broad as to include wood-burning fire places? It wouldn't surprise me if the EPA banned burning wood on behalf of global warming or some other imagined menace.

Enjoy your fireplace this winter because you might be a criminal if you do it next year.


Isaac A. Nussbaum said...

A wood boiler is a wood-fired hot water heating system. Some are installed in the house and some are installed a distance from the house and piped indoors.

(See pictures at http://boilersa.mayapchel.com/indoor-wood-burning-boilers/)

Ed said...

So the heated water is actually steam that gets piped through the radiators?

I've never lived anywhere that we had radiators.

And I imagine they've been around for generations, are they that dangerous in terms of particulate matter in the air?