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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My thoughts on the minimum wage, in a pic

As you know, I'm a harsh critic of the existence of a minimum wage and an even harsher critic of those who think they have the right to force their employers, from whom the government already extorts money on their behalf, to pay them even more for doing the same menial work. Well, instead of going over it for the umpteenth time, I'll just let this picture speak for me.....

 Heh heh, this pretty much sums it up nicely. 


David said...

I ask, why should an employer be forced to a pay minimum wage. The transaction should be between the employer and the employee. They should be allowed to craft the optimum solution between the two interested parties. No one else should have a say.

Obama is trying to frame this as an income disparity issue. If this is the case why doesn't he reduce the maximum allowed income. In doing so he can squeeze it from both ends thereby reducing the disparity (gap).

But reducing the maximum income would reduce the taxes collected and also affect donors so Obama will play the tried and true albeit misguided minimum wage game.

This is about unions, votes, and power. Nothing more. Unfortunately it costs the US dearly in ways the average mouth-breathing minimum wage earner cannot understand.

There is an inherent need for entry-level jobs so workers can enter the workforce at a low cost. At this level a worker is required to show up on time, be presentable, trainable, and learn NEW skills to enhance their value in the workplace.

Claiming a federally-mandated minimum wage should be a "living wage" is ignorantly criminal.

David said...

If I were king for a day one of the first things I would do would be lowering the minimum wage with a goal of eliminating it as quickly as I could.

Ed said...

Me too, Dave.