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Monday, December 16, 2013

Affluenza doesn't exist, just horrible parenting

This is the privileged A-hole on the right who got drunk and killed the four people on the left, but who won't serve any jail time because the judge bought the preposterous defense that he was a victim of "affluenza" or, he was so rich and spoiled by his parents that he didn't know right from wrong.

Would any sane person buy that defense when the loss of 4 lives occurred? Can we not as a civilized society expect somebody to be given the responsibility when something like this happens. Fine, if you are stupid enough to believe the boy shouldn't have to go to jail for a good long time, then are his parents not to blame for not teaching him basic human behavior in the modern world?

Somebody should go to jail, if not the kid, then both parents and put the kid in a state orphanage until he's 18, then kick him out on the street with just enough money for bus fare and a sandwich.

The families of the victims will surely go after the kid's family for wrongful death settlements or judgments, but if this happened to my family and the kid got off, I'd find a way to end his life and maybe his parents too.

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