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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Obama snaps selfie at Mandela funeral

Here's President Obama reverently representing the US at the somber funeral of Nelson Mandela today.....just kidding, he's mugging for selfies with David Cameron and an unnamed hottie blonde chick. He's such a narcissist, notice how he's got to be in control of the camera to make sure he looks his best in the pic.

How disrespectful our adolescent in chief is. Everything's about him.


David said...

Really? At a funeral. What a disgrace.

David said...

On further thought, this act sickens me.

Ed said...

Apparently that's the president of Norway he and Cameron are swooning over. They should all be as ashamed of themselves are we are of them.

David said...

I heard the term "adolescent-in-chief" on the radio. I think this is a good description.