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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Thorium fuel.....Earth's ticket to galactic inclusion

If Earth is ever to advance into what is certainly a burgeoning galactic community, we'll have to develop a fuel that is not fossil or nuclear as fossil fuels are the source of most wars, and nuclear is easily weaponized. I think this is the reason why aliens haven't contacted us yet.....we're too primitive.

Thorium-90, one of the densest elements, is a promising fuel source that would eliminate entirely industrial-age fossil fuels as well as dangerous Uranium-based nuclear fuels. Elon Musk should apply his considerable intellect full-time to this project.

I'm hopeful that if we perfect Thorium fuel and abandon fossil and nuclear fission as fuels, and in doing so solve virtually all the problems we have, the galactic community will embrace Earth as advanced enough to be invited to the party.

If we continue warring and killing each other over energy sources, the galactic community will continue to keep us isolated so as not to contaminate the peaceful space civilizations with our primitive, miscreant ways.


paofpa said...

“America will be a Socialist Nation”

It will be a requirement in the Future; if we desire to exceed. It will not come from the Left but the Right. It will NOT be based with “Give-A-Ways” but drafting retired CEOs to run the government as a corporation vs. trying to do nothing. Best of luck understanding this Thorium=Efficiency

david said...

Whose to say there aren't other "primitive" civilizations out there just like us? We should assume this is the case. I think it is unrealistic to think all other civilizations have advanced beyond quibbling over resources.

Besides, the unequal distribution or the ability to use Thorium is bound to create tension and conflict.

Ed said...

While I don't pretend to understand quantum physics, I do understand the generation of steam to power the rotation of a drive train. Trains and ships have been doing it for generations.

The problem has always been minimization of the engine and a thorium-based steam engine would fit into the engine compartment of virtually any car.

Ed said...

Dave, I think all relatively primitive "Earths" in our galaxy would be kept isolated until they prove they can overcome the base urge to war with one another.

Sure there are probably thousands of Earths, perhaps even behind us in evolution, though living in Alabama, it's hard to imagine a less evolved species...heh heh.

The premise of my post assumed that space-faring cultures were advanced and their climax-evolution is the basis for our not having heard from them.

I don't know how plentiful thorium is, or how cheaply it can be converted into daily-use fuel, but assuming it can be, who knows what a fuel-based power shift among nations might bring?