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Monday, December 02, 2013

NFL is decidedly anti-gun

Here's the Daniel's Defense ad that the NFL didn't want shown during the Superbowl.....


A benign ad for a gun manufacturer that espouses family and safety is not allowed, but a mostly naked slut eating a hamburger, ADT commercials that would terrify children, and always raunchy half-time shows are OK?

The NFL has a right to allow or not allow whatever ads it wants, but don't pretend that the silhouette of a gun is too scary for children or too political, when it allows dimwitted Bob Costas a full 3 minute anti-gun soliloquy during the season.

There was a time when blacks and whites and homosexuals couldn't kiss on TV, and jokes about masturbation, infidelity, and rampant porn references weren't allowed(and that's just a fair description of the Superbowl halftime show). Isn't it about time that gun manufacturers and retailers be part of the mainstream ad paradigm?

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