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Monday, December 30, 2013

Afghan war, now less popular than root canals

A newly released poll of the American people shows that support for the 12-year long war in Afghanistan, if you can even call it a war rather than a quagmire, has dipped below 20% for the first time. It also reveals that most Americans want US troops out of Afghanistan before the Dec-2014 beginning of draw-down.

First, who're these a-holes who still support the war? 20% means that one out of every 5 people polled works at the Pentagon or for a defense contractor because they're the only ones who're enjoying this.

Can anybody tell me what we've accomplished in 12 years? Who have we gotten rid of that won't come back the day after we leave? I'll be happy to entertain any and all arguments for our continued participation in this costly fool's errand.


Bill said...

Obama abandoned the war we had won in the country with oil and a strategic placement in the world because it was "Bush's War". He kept us in the other war but never had his heart in it. My neighbor, one of the finest young men I've ever met and a Special Forces medic is over there now and I pray every day for his and every other American's safety. And, our NATO (and Georgian) friends!

Ed said...

Bill, I didn't say our fighting men and women over there are doing something bad, I just think that wasting American lives on what everybody knows is a lost cause is the epitome of stupidity.

The Pentagon, military contractors, and reconstruction firms want us in as many wars as possible.....it's how they get rich. And don't think they don't pull plenty of political strings to that end.