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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Human/animal chimeras, just around the corner?

So the government is overseeing the hybridization of animals and humans......sort of. They're funding the experimentation of putting some human genes into animals to address histo-compatibility problems with transplants etc. Technically these are chimeras, but you mention that word and people go crazy imagining bizarre, gross half man half pig, horror movie creatures.

Relax people, we're not quite there yet.

That said, my motto regarding this sort of science is, if it can be done, is should be done and let the ethics lawyers catch up.

Until they do, I for one would welcome the superior pig-men overlords that would shepherd humanity toward a brighter tomorrow.


Ned Ludd said...

Among things that probably "can be done" are:

Incurable, easily transmittable genetic engineered smallpox, anthrax, and other diseases. Want to qualify your position at all?

Ed said...

Sure Ned, as long as the genetic hybrids are not harmful, just curiosities, they should be done. Obviously I would be against the weaponization of genetic-hybridization outcomes. How's that?

Isaac A. Nussbaum said...

I bet the brass over at the DOD are creaming their jeans at the thought of man-gorilla soldiers and man-quadruped support personnel.