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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Jeb just can't get anybody to care about him

Jeb Bush criticized Trump for his tweet on Cinco de Mayo featuring a picture of himself eating a taco salad and the words, "I love Hispanics".
Bush thought it was racist in the same way as tweeting about watermelons with regards to blacks.
Wrong Jeb, taco salad isn't a racial stereotype the way watermelons are. Heck, every American eats Mexican food and beer to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.
Jeb is still sore that his doomed candidacy never got off the ground. Here's the boy who would be king approximating the number of chances in a million he'll ever hold elected office again.


Bill said...

I don't have a bit of trouble deciding between the "lesser of two evils" in November. We don't get to vote for Ronald Reagan very often.

Ed said...

So for some GOPers, that choice isn't clear. Hardliner establishment types like Bill Crystal will probably vote Hillary just to keep their comfortable status quo.

Bill said...

I think Trump's list of names to nominate to our Robed Masters will convince most of the choice. Do we want 4 more years of "transgender rights" crammed down our throats?