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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Thieves in Congress steal from taxpayers to fund their personal healthcare

-Corrupt congressmen have exempted themselves from the hellish social security system with which they burden taxpayers. 
-They've exempted themselves from insider trading laws by which taxpayers must abide. 
-They've issued themselves lavish retirement packages that taxpayers only dream about. 
-And now they've exempted themselves from the burden of higher premiums of Obamacare. And once again, taxpayers are on the hook for 75% of the premiums that will have to be paid by law, by representatives and their staff. 

The one provision of the ACA that allowed it to pass was the mandate the no elected official be exempt from the program. Everybody must suffer equally. I'm guessing they wrote that with a knowing wink and nod to each other, expecting that before the premium deadline kicked in, they could repeal that part of the law to save themselves money that the rest of us have to cough up. 

Sorry, but the Office of Personnel Management doesn't have the authority to take money from taxpayers to dole out to anybody to waive the financial responsiblilities imposed upon them by law. John Boehner must pass this as law in the House and Obama must sign it. I'll be interested to see how Boehner gets this through in the dead of a Friday night.

I swear, if they manage to exempt themselves from the ACA, I might abandon participatory politics altogether. Why vote? Can anybody tell me the use in voting when both parties rape the taxpayers nine ways from Sunday, with total impunity? 

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Isaac A. Nussbaum said...

I'm no longer even registered to vote, Ed. If enough of us opt out, the illusion that the vermin have a mandate from the people will come to a screeching halt.