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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Friday, August 02, 2013

Self-serving thieves in congress essentially exempt selves/staff from Obamacare

This might the most reprehensible story I've read all week....and that's saying something because I read stories about congress every day....

Members of congress have petitioned Obama, and he's promised a remedy already, for taxpayers to subsidize the skyrocketing healthcare premiums that will have to be paid by members and their staff when they have to enroll in healthcare exchanges like the rest of us.

The fear is that the excessive costs will essentially result in a "brain drain" from DC into the private sector. But seriously, how much brain power is there really in DC? I would argue very little.

The office of personnel management (OPM) says it will pick up as much as 75% of the cost of premiums of members of congress and their staff.

Why are they special? Why aren't they burdened with paying the higher premiums the way the rest of Americans will be?

Why is it my job to fund the healthcare of these rich people?

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David said...

I knew this was coming. I also know the American people will let it happen. After people-watching at a shopping mall last night it is not hard to imagine how this can be.