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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Obama's contempt for Americans is patently obvious

No greater arrogance can a man have than one who names his dog after himself. 

And no greater contempt can a man have for the citizens who elected him than the one who spends tens of thousands to fly that dog on military aircraft to vacation, when the citizens are struggling to stay employed and fed. 

The V20-Osprey costs about $10,000/hour to operate. I'm no math whiz, but I count at least 5 attendees for Bo the dog. Really Obama, an expensive military aircraft and 5 serious personnel(not including the pilots) to ferry your f-ing dog and a sack of basketballs around? My God, the arrogance of this man is boundless!

Better find a second or third job my friends, King and Queen Obama might be planning another vacation with Bo and your taxes will be paying for it all.

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David said...

The deterioration and decline of the U.S. starts at the top. Hard not to fault someone for wanting a free cellphone (and service), a nice house (creatively financed) and an Escalade or two (also creatively financed). Our royalty, er, I mean elected "leaders" have it why shouldn't they?