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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Monday, August 11, 2014

The pathetically ridiculous US policy for Iraq

Want to see how absurdly absurd our middle east policy is? Here's the timeline:
-Back in '03 we refused to arm moderate Syrian rebels who're fighting ISIS in their country, because we feared ISIS would get its hands on our modern weaponry.
-after we decimated the Iraq army around the same time, we then rebuilt it with our weaponry, ostensibly so they could secure their own country from terrorist networks like ISIS.
-because the Syrian rebels were out gunned thanks to our negligence, ISIS defeated them, established a base in northern Syria, and stormed into the power vacuum in Iraq stronger than ever.
-the cowardly Iraq army, that WE trained for 10 years, deserted en masse leaving ISIS in possession of hundreds of millions in shiny, new US military hardware and weapons.
-now the US finds itself having to bomb and destroy our own weaponry that is now in the very hands of the people from whom we've tried so hard to keep it.
Am I the only one who sees the pathetic, historic irony of the US middle east policies?
Well, at least our defense contractors will get fabulously rich off the deal since they'll be the ones to re-arm the entire Iraq army once again, as well as re-arming the US military after another long, expensive, bloody campaign in the sandy catbox of Iraq. 

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