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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Monday, August 11, 2014

Detergent didn't poison your dumb kid, you did

This was the headline on Fox News this morning, "Laundry detergent packet poisons Minnesota toddler".
The detergent packet didn't poison the dumb toddler, the stupidity and carelessness of its mother did. It's not the fault of the colorful packaging or because the manufacturer didn't put enough skull-and-crossbones symbols on it. It's because you are a dumb, thoughtless, negligent parent.
The colorful packaging is to catch the eye of the mother because she possesses the intelligence of a toddler and is attracted to colorful things, otherwise the packaging could be gray and boring.
Fox should know better than to blame an inanimate object for simple bad parenting. But that's the American way now, it's always the fault of someone else.....predictably the one who we can sue.