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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Monday, March 30, 2015

I'm getting tired of FoxNews

On FoxNews this morning, Steve Doocy narrated a story about the Germanwings pilot learning to fly 10 years ago, calling it "ominous", as if he was planning this suicide 10 years ago.
Come on, he wasn't planning his suicide 10 minutes before he did it.
The guy was clinically depressed, his girlfriend had just broken up with him, and because of vision problems, his flying career was about to be over.....that's an intersection of eventualities that would make anybody question his life.
Was he a horrible person for killing 140 innocent people with him instead of overdosing on pills like every else? To be sure, but Fox teasing the video of him learning to fly, as if it portended the recent events, is idiotic.
This is why we are watching OneAmericaNews more and more. I don't watch other stations but I'm sure they do the same thing.....tease a story as one thing to get you to stay tuned when the truth turns out to be far less scandalous or salacious, or shocking.


Bill said...

Special Report with Bret Baier and Fox News Sunday are my two shows. Megan Kelly is sometimes good. 24 hour cable news has too many hours for too few stories - thus the hype.

Ed said...

Yeah, I like Bret's show....anything featuring Charles K. is worth watching to me.

The fluff of the morning show is irritating....kind of like Elizabeth Hasselbeck's saccharin emotions.

Have you ever seen Elizabeth interview a child? Utterly unwatchable! I mean children have nothing useful or interesting to say anyway, but her inane questions and molasses, heartstrings gazes make me cringe.....but then I'm a horrible person, so there's that.

Bill said...

I can't say I've watched a minute of daytime cable news in the past year, Ed. Maybe CNBC to follow the markets.

Isaac A. Nussbaum said...

I am happy to report that I broke myself of the TV news habit. I could not name a single presenter at any network.

Ed said...

Heh heh, Isaac I'm glad your life is busy enough and full of non-TV activity that you can fill the hours.

If I lived on a bay down by the beach and had a boat, I can see not watching much TV. It's hard to avoid though when there's so much good programming on Netflix and other non-network outlets.

Besides, I don't mind getting the spin on issues from some of the talking heads with whom I tend to agree.

David said...

I'm with Isaac. I watch virtually no news shows. I can't. They are terrible.

Ed said...

TV news, especially Fox, is worth watching to me, but only for the babes. Fox does hire good looking broads.

David said...

Plenty of Babes in the real world. Look around.

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