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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Think India is the only country with a caste system? Think again

With the recent passing by Gov. Mike Pence, of the religious freedom law in Indiana, everybody wants to boycott that state because gays might be inconvenienced a little.

Here's a religious freedom question: What if a skin-head demanded that a Jewish bakery make a cake in the likeness of Hitler with the words, "Sieg Heil!" in icing? Should the government force them to make it or go out of business?

Or how about if my dog is sick and I find a Muslim vet who for religious reasons handles every animal except dogs, should I be able to force him by law to treat my dog even though his religious convictions tell him that dogs are unclean and along with monkeys, are the genetic precursors of Jews?

Or should a Jew florist be forced by law to participate in the arrangements at a skin-head wedding?

Let me break it down for you: white Christians are so far down on the American caste system, which ranks the politically favored, that they can be made to do literally anything in violation of their religious ideology if that means a group higher up in the caste system is inconvenienced?

For me the line is drawn between the simple selling of a product off the shelf and anything including a service. Florists, bakers, and butchers all involve the proprietor performing a service for the customer that intimately involves them in the customers activity. Anti-discrimination laws should apply more strictly to these off-the-shelf stores, but make allowances for service industry businesses.

If gay militants get their way, Jewish bakers can be forced to make Hitler cakes for skinheads, or close their businesses......that is unless the Jew baker is gay, then because gays are higher up on the political caste ladder, he doesn't have to make the cake. But if the skinhead is black and he plays the race card, then he wins because blacks still occupy the highest rung on the politically-favored caste ladder.


Bill said...

March 31, 2027 Washington

President Tim Cook today defended the use of the LGBT Rights Dept. SWAT unit in the deadly raid on a Montana florist. The dead man had refused to create a wedding display for a triple partner wedding ceremony in Butte, violating the "No Hate in our Country" act of 2021. The fire that killed the male florist and his female spouse and their 5 children was an unavoidable result of the incendiary devices used to flush them from the shop.

"We will not tolerate hate in our great society", said President Cook.

Ed said...

That will be our reality sooner than we think.

Isaac A. Nussbaum said...

Ach du lieber!

Ed said...

Gibt es ein Problem , Herr Isaac?

Bill said...

President Cook also noted the 5 children would have been illegal under the "Save our Planet from Climate Change and Overpopulation" Act of 2023, but the 3 oldest were "grandfathered" in and the family had only received a fine for the younger two. He then joked, "At this point, what difference does it make?" as the assembled journalist chuckled, remembering Hillery 45, under whom the "No Hate" act was passed.