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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Starbucks, now much more than just a trendy hangout for smug hipsters with too much money

Turns out Starbucks isn't just a place to go when you want snotty entry-level workers to charge you $9 for over-priced pastries and sub-par coffee. Now the CEO is encouraging them to irritate their hipster customers with a Venti sized dose of uncomfortable conversation on race issues.
Look, I can deal with a 27 year old Womyn's Studies graduate who schleps coffee for a living, scribbling some anodyne pabulum on my cup like, "Visualize a Colorblind Society", but I don't need them disturbing my breakfast with dopey discussion starters about race relations in America because it buys them some favor with the manager.
Just shut up and bring me my $9 double-caff, low-fat, Venti, mocha latte' with half and half, double whip.

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