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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Monday, March 16, 2015

Reality show set destroyed by cyclone

Cyclone "Pam" apparently has destroyed most of the development of Vanuatu, a tiny island in the south Pacific, doing literally hundreds of dollars of damage.
And all this time I thought Vanuatu was just a reality-show set where evidently jobless Americans went to compete for hundreds of thousands of dollars to see who could last the longest without a cell phone.
Heh heh, as Daniel Tosh observed, no wonder people hate Americans. We have a TV game show where we send loud-mouth assholes to pretend to "survive" in a place where thousands of people already live....all to win more money than any 100 Vanuatuans combined make in a lifetime. 


David said...

Ed, more hilarity! Great post.

Bill said...

I liked geography better when we could call places by their proper colonial names. This disaster occurred in the New Hebrides!

Ed said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ed said...

But Bill, haven't you been listening to Obama, Holder, and Rev. Wright? Colonialism is western civilization's biggest sin so any western names, regardless of how long established, must be abandoned in favor of the ancient tribal names that nobody can pronounce or remember.

Bill said...

Yeah, then why don't we call European cities Roma, Munchen, Sevilla, Koln, etc. instead of our horrible English words?

I know, the Europeans are just as bad, so they deserve it. I'm waiting for them to suggest changing New York back to whatever the natives called the area unless somebody already did.

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