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Monday, March 09, 2015

Dumb white people being dumb

File this story under "Dumb, Privileged White People"
A hard-working black guy gets 30 days in jail because picking up the trash too early one morning disturbed the beauty rest of some very self-important, rich white people in Sandy Springs, a suburb of Atlanta. Apparently he started his trash run at 5:00 instead of waiting until 7:00.
Really? Who's not up at 5:00 or thereabouts anyway on a weekday, I mean except for snooty, new-money trophy wives whose first event of the day is mimosas with other uppity wives at the racket club & spa?
I don't care what city ordinances there are, the optics of rich white people throwing a poor black guy in jail for disturbing their early morning sleep as he does his job picking up their trash, just looks BAD!!
Heh heh, dumb white people who're oblivious to their own stupidity amuse me.
Below are pictures from a typical day in the lives of Sandy Springs people.


Bill said...

You have a link for this, Ed?

I've called the cops on big dumpster trucks hitting the school right behind our bedroom as early as 3AM. I don't live in SS either. They're supposed to wait until 7 in residential neighborhoods; most of their calls are in industrial areas anyway. After 3 tries, the cops got here before he left and he got a ticket - not jail time of course. The only possible way I can see jail is for multiple repeat violations after numerous warnings. Not just snooty white tennis players dislike being jarred awake at 3 or 4 just so the dumpster driver can dodge some traffic.

Ed said...

Here you go, Bill.


No, I think it was a one-time offense and residential. He started his pickup run at 5 instead of 7. Like I said, I don't care what silly city ordinances are in place to keep the bourgeoisie comfortably resting in their mansions, there's no way to look righteous if you're a white person calling 911 on a poor black dude just doing his job, because it disturbed you for like 2 minutes.

Bill said...

You'd better call Holder.

Reading the story, which has received little or no local coverage, I think the solicitor and the judge are the cause of the jail time. Apparently you don't have to contend with this, or you wouldn't so cavalierly dismiss the "bourgeoisie" for daring to complain. My problem occurred after I had posted - at my expense- the noise ordinance on the dumpster for weeks to no effect. A ticket resulted in the pick-ups occurring mid-morning as they should. I don't live in a freaking mansion, and neither do all residents of SS.

Ed said...

So why didn't this guy get a ticket or his company, since virtually all SS city work is private, receive a fine or something.

Bill, this entire bit was rendered tongue-in-cheek.

So are you even a little disturbed that this poor guy has to spend the next 14 weekends in the city klink?

I'll bet there's a crystal meth and heroin epidemic in suburban Atlanta like everywhere else....is anybody calling 911 about that?

Bill said...

I agree the jail time was excessive - OK. But it read like this was a real problem for some people trying to get some sleep.

The class warfare stuff plus my personal exasperation with these noisy guys set me off. I can't legally object to the "normal" delivery trucks at the school kitchen, but the whining hydraulics and slam banging dumpsters will get me on 911 every time. By the way, we lived where we do before the school.

Sorry for over doing it.

david said...

I'm glad cooler heads prevailed. You guys had me reaching for the garden hose.

Bill said...

LOL. David.

Ed said...

I'm just joking around....this story was too easy for spoofing.

Plus, it was too tempting NOT to include those pics from Eddie Murphy's movie "Trading Places".

If taken seriously, my post was completely hyperbolic and over the top.

Bill said...

I accept the charge of being too literal minded.

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