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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Monday, March 16, 2015

The coming Obama police state

That's just great, the Fed's are coming to Birmingham. Eric Holder announced the six cities where a federal law enforcement experiment will begin, Birmingham is one of them.
In a response to the riots in Ferguson, the feds will be experimenting in taking over some of the law enforcement duties in these towns to, as they say, "address distrust between citizens and law enforcement." which means of course, to address distrust between citizens of politically preferred skin pigmentation and law enforcement.
In the end, it's less about race and more about federal control of all law enforcement as promised by Obama in 2008 when he spoke of his intention to have a federal domestic law enforcement branch that is as well funded and armed as the US military.

Of course this is a precursor to the easy imposition of martial law whenever the chief executive sees fit. How much easier is martial law to impose on the people, with the concomitant suspension of constitutional powers and local laws, etc., if local law enforcement is staffed by jack-booted federal goons already?  

This will be what local police look like in your town soon.......would you want your child to ask directions from these guys?

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