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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Vlad Putin...to the moon, and beyond

Under our Islamo-centric President Obama, NASA abandoned doing anything useful in space and dedicated themselves instead to making unevolved Muslims feel good about their imaginary contributions to science, medicine, philosophy, technology, engineering, art, literature, or any of the other pursuits of modern civilized society. Now we have to pay Putin $80 Million per man just to get to the Space Station. 

Now Vlad Putin has announced that Russia will refund their moon missions and land a man there, presumably to set up a permanent colony, by 2030. 

I have my doubts about whether they'll do it, but that Putin is rubbing our noses in it is an embarrassment to the US. 

Here's a helpful artists rendition of Vlad himself planting the Soviet flag on the moon......and he doesn't even need a helmet. 


Bill said...

My hope is that this man will have been dead for over a decade by 2930. Ideally, strung up from a street lamp.

Bill said...

I mean 2030.

Ed said...

He is a pain in everybody's ass, isn't he?

Bill said...

At best.

At worst, I shudder to think. The West is demonstrating weakness and appeasement. This man has no internal limits. What could possibly go wrong?

Bill said...

Vlad today said he would "personally supervise" the investigation into the brazen street murder of one of his political opponents. Yeah, I'll bet he will.

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