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Monday, February 23, 2015

ISIS might really be the JV squad after all

Hahahaha, I can't stop watching and laughing at this recently released, very serious ISIS training video......


I can't decide if this is a serious video, a satirical spoof, or extras practicing for their roles in a D-list martial arts film from the 70's. Maybe Obama was right after all, this really is the JV squad. I'm not sure what it says about the Iraqi forces or the American training of them, that they ran away from these retards.

I love the one guy demonstrating ISIS's expert-level camouflage skills, adorned with shrubbery, creeping around what appears to be somebody's back yard.

And the guys somersaulting to pick up a rifle crack me up. That seems kind of disorienting for an active-fire battlefield. Why not just walk over and pick up the gun?

And then there's breaking terra-cotta tile with your head. How does that translate into fighting skill?

If you can get through more than 10 consecutive seconds of this without smiling, you're a better person than me.


Infidel said...

I would laugh, but these comedians cut off my head.

Ed said...

That's funny infidel.

So just to be clear, I'm drawing a distinction between some jackasses with a big knife, a can of gasoline, a match, and a warped ideology which ISIS is....and a genuine, disciplined fighting force, which ISIS is not.

Bill said...

The JV's seem to have kidnapped another large group of Christians. Satan only knows what kind of barbarism they're cooking up.

Our President has yet to say anything. He'll probably call them "Syrian citizens" if he mentions it.

Ed said...

To admit that these people were kidnapped, tortured, and killed specifically because they were Christians, would mean the media admitting that ISIS is Islamic, something they and the President refuse to do.

Obama's refusal to say anything that links terrorism to Islam, regardless of how strongly they are entwined, suggests that he is more concerned with protecting Islam than the West from terrorism.

How is that not treasonous?

Bill said...

I can't answer that question.

Our country will need a lot of good fortune, or dare I say Providence, to make it intact until January 2017.

Ed said...

with no agenda other than "fundamental transformation", Obama can do a lot of damage via XO's in the next 18 months.

My question is, if republicans win the white house, and I'm not saying they can, will that person have the balls to rescind or roll back these XO's?

I'm afraid I already know the answer to that question.

Bill said...

I am far more worried about Obama's foreign and defense policy.

There may come a sad day when the internal and domestic policies of our country are of interest only to specialist historians, should any live.