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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Friday, February 20, 2015

Jobs for Jihadis

The nerdy librarianesque Marie Harf, to whom I am tepidly yet inexplicably attracted, thinks that the only thing that vile, murderous jihadis need is a job to set them on the straight and narrow path to self-respect, personal growth, and achievement.
I hear Walmart is hiring.


Bill said...

People have marveled that our State Dept has a couple of airhead Valley Girls as spokesgals. Before them was the equally idiotic Victoria Nuland, since kicked upstairs. I think it's part of their whole "War on Women" strategy. They put these people in jobs that are clearly above their competence, and just wait for evil Republican white men to "attack" them.

Ed said...

You can toss Susan Rice in that mix too.

David said...

"tepidly yet inexplicably attracted"