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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The jig is up for global warmists

The bad news is that for most of the nation, it's colder than a grave-digger's ass. The good news is that man-made global warmists may have to admit once and for all that the jig is up. CO2 comprises like 0,032% of the atmosphere and has a greenhouse effect 1/30 that of water vapor. Moreover, the sun comprises 98.8% of all the mass(excluding dark matter if it exists) in our solar system. And the sun is going into an unprecedented in modern times, quiet solar cycle similar to what caused previously described "mini ice-ages". To discount the sun as the primary, if not sole, contributor to climate hear on Earth is increasingly idiotic and absurd.

We know that self-interested climate scientists are liars and fabricators of data. We know that no warming has taken place for at least 17 years. And we know that the temperature of Earth fluctuates dramatically all the time,

For Obama, Kerry, and Biden to lecture the world that climate change is the primary threat to man, at this point just makes them look either stupid, or like agenda-driven liars.


Bill said...

The ignoring of our star by the warmists has always been absurd.

Cold kills and produces poverty to a far greater extent. The most prosperous periods in human history closely match the warm periods.

Yet, warmists would have us believe that mid-20th Century climate is somehow ideal.

It's all about control by elites.

Ed said...

It's the biggest scam perpetrated on the people, ever.

Bill said...

They totally depend on historical ignorance. Since most people think history started on their day of birth, and don't even know that in any detail, it's way too easy to convince them to believe absurdities.

Ed said...

The tenets of liberalism require little or no thought, they simply require mindless, plant-like reaction. And liberal politicians can rely on the ignoble human flaws of jealousy, greed, resentment, class envy, and victimhood to keep their dumb voting base loyal.

Conservatism actually requires one to overcome those flaws in himself and think, an activity of which most Americans are sadly incapable.