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Monday, February 02, 2015

Former UGA coordinator Mike Bobo rumored to have called last play for Seattle in Superbowl

Heh heh, Seattle fans are livid about Pete Carroll's last call in yesterday's Superbowl where he called a pass play from the 2 into a very crowded goal line, while possibly the best back in the NFL stood idle.
Hey Seattle, welcome to Georgia football. For a minute I thought Mike Bobo was taking a break from Col. State to call plays for the Seahawks last night. That's the same play we lost to South Carolina on.
End of the game, ball on the 2 yd line, the game-winning TD right there for the taking and college football's best running back at the time, Todd Gurley, waiting to get the ball, and what does Bobo call? A pass to the 1 yard line in very heavy traffic, which of course failed, ending in a loss to the most hated man in Georgia football history, Steve Spurrier.
We feel your pain and frustration Seattle fans. We've been living it for years.

Seahawks fans react to the news that Mike Bobo will be calling the goal-line play to win the game.