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Wednesday, February 04, 2015

King Abdullah II of Jordan shows Obama how it's done

This, as succinctly as anything, sums up the difference between a rational attitude and Obama's attitude toward the horrifying rise of Islamic terrorism. I'm not advocating the mass slaughter of Club Gitmo vacationers, but as long as we're hanging out in the middle-east desert anyway, we should be slaughtering a lot more of them than we are now.  

To play devil's advocate here, and this is NOT the reason for Obama's inaction, the US cannot be the sole policeman against terrorist aggression in the middle east. These other nations like Jordan MUST take a hard-line, military leadership role in exterminating groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda. We're happy to help, but it can't be just us.

I hate the recent immolation of the Jordanian pilot, regular beheadings, and throwing suspected gay people off buildings, but maybe the barbarity will finally light a fire under the asses of these Arab states to take action toward self preservation.


Bill said...

I spent some time in 2009 at the Jordanian base that their F-16's are flying these missions from. Their procedures differ from ours a little and we got a kick out of one guy performing EOR checks instead of the 5 we send, but they are good to go. It sickens me to imagine a guy I saw sitting in the cockpit of one of those jets being murdered so horribly by these demons out of the dark ages. King Abdullah has it right. Speaking of which, why is KSM still growing his beard and stealing oxygen down at Club Gitmo more than 13 years after 9/11/01? Why wasn't he taken out and executed today?

Ed said...

I'm with you Bill. This is barbarism beyond what even Hollywood can conjure in their slasher horror films.

I'm not sure what the constitutional issues are, but mollycoddling the vacationers down there while their friends are committing atrocities by the hundreds every day seems weak, to say the least.

If systematic executions at Gitmo until the beds are empty is legal, we should be doing it at this time.

Bill said...

There is a system to try them, giving them enough legal rights to satisfy even Judge Napolitano. What the hold up is, I can't imagine. Oh, wait, I forgot about Obama. The Nuremberg Trails were over and the executions done by October 1946.

Ed said...

If you're right then I'm with you, what in the bloody hell are we waiting for?

Bill said...

Obama says we shouldn't judge because of the Crusades, slavery, etc. I am proud to get "on my high horse" to condemn this barbarity.

Ed said...

He used the crusades to lecture us about judgement? I cheer the crusades.....they were western civilization's first attempt to rid the then modern world of a barbaric cult.

And what does our slavery have to do with what ISIS is doing today? I don't get it.

Bill said...

I'm about ready to veer off into kook land about our dear leader. If he announces his "conversion" to Islam the week after 1/20/17, I won't be shocked.

Ed said...

Me either Bill. What else would explain his refusal to say or do anything that might make Muslims displeased with him.

He's behaving like a good and obedient believer of Islam.