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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Friday, February 06, 2015

Ferguson re-descends into anarchy in 3....2....1

In the wake of deranged, feral maniac Michael Brown getting himself shot by attacking a cop in the human zoo we call Ferguson, police are being issued non-lethal guns called "The Alternative" so that it doesn't happen again.......specifically to enraged homicidal psychopaths with politically favored skin color who our media and government have ordered us to regard as noble, virtuous, and sacred. 

As I understand it, when a menacing 250lb lunatic charges you and tries to grab your gun, presumably to shoot you with, you're supposed to ask the criminal to stop for a second while you jam a nerf-like ball into the barrel of your gun. When you pull the trigger, the bullet lodges in the ball and the ball containing the bullet hits the thug, not the bullet itself. 

I'm sure Ferguson's complement of thugs will gladly comply with the policeman's polite request to stop trying to kill him for a minute. 

I have uncovered a pre-release image of "The Alternative" gun with which Ferguson police will attempt to maintain law and order.