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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Thursday, February 05, 2015

Brian Williams "misremembers" his time in Iraq

Heh heh, long time NBC anchor Brian Williams got busted lying about his time in Iraq 12 years ago. He's been repeatedly telling a harrowing story of being in a Chinook helicopter over the desert and taking enemy fire.....turns out it never happened. A Chinook took fire, but he was in a different chopper an hour behind that one.
Al Gore, Hillary and Bill Clinton each lied repeatedly about being in places where historical events occurred, but weren't. Liberals insert themselves into seminal historical events in order to give themselves gravity, relevance and imbue themselves with a sense of destiny in the minds of others.....and it's pathetic.
Brian also related his personal call to Seahawks coach Pete Carroll during the SuperBowl.... 

"I'm telling you Pete, you'll regret calling a pass play here. Just give the ball to Marshawn Lynch. Trust me Pete."


Bill said...

Great post, Ed!

I told Brian not to say those things when we had dinner in Gstaad after a day on the slopes with the Williams twins.

david said...

Brian Williams may be a storyteller but he is paid, and we expect him, to tell true stories. If he was an entertainer or novelist then he would be paid to tell stories true or not.

Ed said...

Good point Dave, he gets paid to relate accurately, information pertinent to the news story he's covering, not embellish his role in it.

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