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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Pakistan laughably upset about a TV show

If you don't watch "Homeland" on Showtime, you're missing out on some riveting TV. This past season, which ended last week, was set in Islamabad, Pakistan. Apparently Pakistani officials are none too happy about how their country was portrayed....as being friendly to terrorists and hostile to America.
Perhaps it has slipped their minds that they harbored Osama bin Laden for who knows how many years before the CIA analyst, on whose character Carrie, the "Homeland" lead, is loosely based, found him and sent Seal Team 6 in to kill him.
Maybe if Pakistan weren't permissive toward Islamic extremism there and used the billions in aid we give them every year to eradicate it, their fair country wouldn't be accurately portrayed in our entertainment industry as a third-world cesspool of anti-American radicalism.


david said...

Homeland is one of my favorite shows.

Bill said...

One article said the "Islamabad" scenes that upset the Pakistanis so much were filmed in Cape Town. LOL.

Ed said...

Yeah they were Bill. I think most of the street scenes were filmed in South Africa.

If our hundreds of millions in bribe money each year doesn't buy us pro-Americanism, what's the point?

Bill said...

Maybe having over 100 of their school children slaughtered will clue some of them in to the problem they have.

We can't ignore them. They have nukes. Neither can the Indians ignore them. It's a real danger.