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Friday, December 19, 2014

Eric Holder slips into the absurd

Eric Holder issued a memorandum essentially stating that cross-dressing is now a federally protected civil right......I assume, because there's no reason not to, that people who dress as furry animals, ninja turtles, Godzilla, or Freddie Kruger are also protected from employer discrimination.
If not, why not?
Look, I don't have anything against cross dressing. Whatever you want to do to legally pursue happiness is fine with me, without judgement I support your right to do it, but you don't get special protection from the government.
This means that if your elementary school elects not to hire the "girl" in the picture to work as a cafeteria lady, your school can be sued under the federal EEOC anti-discrimination guidelines and be forced to pay "her" tens of thousands in punitive fines, hire a mental distress counselor for "her", and have swarms of EEOC bureaucrats impose more "correct" hiring practices at your child's school....paid for by your local tax money that would otherwise have gone toward the operation of the school.
If a republican manages, against the media's wishes, to get himself elected in 2016, I'll bet he/she will not rescind any of the dopey stuff Eric Holder has done. They'll let it all stand out of fear of media reprisals.
Here's a helpful picture of the person who might be serving your child lunch soon.