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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ed's first-world problems

So in between binge-watching episodes of American Horror Story last night, Netflix paused for at least 15 seconds to load the next Ep. I was left in uncomfortable silence to contemplate my life or something. 

I already know that practically every decision I've made in my life has been the wrong one, I don't need you Netflix, to provide me with unentertained down-time to consider it. ;-)


Isaac A. Nussbaum said...

"I already know that practically every decision I've made in my life has been the wrong one...."

I suspect that you were employing more than a little irony there, Ed. Your writing that, however, is one of life's quirky coincidences. I, as I near the end of my life, have been coming to the realization that a great many of my life choices and decisions have been wrong. Some because of stupidity, some because of ignorance. More than those, though, have been those made under the influence of wrong - or outdated - notions, values, and beliefs imprinted on my unconscious self while young. I mourn that I have carried those imprints, mostly unexamined, my entire life.

Ed said...

You are partially correct about that sentence, Isaac. I did write it for the self-deprecating humor in the context of the post, but like you, until recently I've lead a mostly unexamined, self-involved life of a narcissist.

Not that I have many huge regrets(the ones I do have generally regard how I treated a few people thoughtlessly in my past)

That said, there are some cross-roads at which I wish I had chosen differently, but all in all, I can't really complain about where I am now. My life is not the result of exterior forces, but the culmination of all MY decisions, wise and foolish.