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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Pole and Line tuna fishing

This is Pole and Line tuna fishing off a boat flagged from Ghana. It is more efficient than using nets and employs more people. Here's how it works:

A boat goes out ahead and chums the water with food preferred by the tuna, creating a feeding frenzy. Then the fishing trawler comes behind and all these guys using poles with non-barbed, spherical lures that are of a specific size.....small enough to be partially swallowed by the tuna but large enough that only tuna of a certain size can get the lure in their mouths. Then they just fling the tuna onto the boat deck.

Best of all, no sharks, marlins, dolphins, sea turtles, or any aquatic life other than tuna are caught. Pretty cool if you ask me.


David said...

Fascinating. It looks like it would be a thrill for the first 3-4 fish.

Ed said...

Yeah David, then just a hell of a back and arm workout.