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Monday, October 27, 2014

US taxpayers pay to televise headless-goat polo in Afghanistan

Your tax dollars hard at work
When the US finishes pointlessly destroying a country like Iraq, US taxpayers are forced to bear the cost of rebuilding it. Then because government contractors need something else to do, we pretend illiterate, drug-addled nomads in dirty night-shirts in Al-Qaeda and the Taliban actually constitute a real threat to the US 10,000 miles away, and head over to Afghanistan to destroy that country too, just so we can rebuild it.
Did you know there was a Special Inspector General for Afghan Reconstruction? I wonder how much he gets paid? His office reports that part of the reconstruction of that already grim, God-forsaken abyss of darkness and despair, was $6Million for a few pickup trucks and a couple of satellite dishes to televise Afghan sports such as soccer, cricket and Buzkashi — an equestrian sport in which riders try to drag a headless goat toward a goal. All so the tens of Afghans who have TV's, can watch sports.
I utterly despise a government that would waste the money, that it expropriated at the point of a gun from its citizens, on crap like this. And if you think any of this nonsense will change with the feckless, establishment GOP in charge, you have fewer synapsing neurons that that goat in the picture.

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