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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Monday, November 17, 2014

Once again, feminists show they are totally and utterly devoid of humor of any kind

This is British astrophysicist Matt Taylor, who chose(poorly, yet hilariously) this shirt when he appeared on TV to discuss the Rosetta mission that landed a probe on that comet earlier this week. Predictably in this day and age, his wardrobe caused a firestorm of hate from groups of fragile, paranoid women who got the vapors at the mere public suggestion of male attraction to the opposite gender, because to them, all men are potential rapists or something.
So what? He's a brilliant and harmless nerd who likes retro-stylized, pin-up-calendar depictions of boobs. Why not just make some jokes at his expense? Is the hate and a coerced teary, public apology(left image) really necessary for delicate feminists to feel vindicated and victorious over despicable men?


Bill said...

It seems to have been hand made for him by a woman friend who is a tattooist. Manufactured outrage.

Ed said...

Totally agree Bill. These feminist harpies are scouring the media for something that offends them.

When this guy was asked about his sleeve tattoos and how his scientific colleagues take them, he responded that his colleagues judge him on his science, not his quirky appearance. (And that's been the hallmark of academia for generations.)

Why didn't he use that brilliant answer for the shirt question?

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