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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Green energy, as useful as perpetual-motion machines

A few years ago Google pandered to the environmental kooks who believe that man has anything to do with the global climate from one century to the next, by promising to power its new data center with solar power.

Well this week they wisely pulled the plug(literally) on it's doomed "green energy" program after they realized the stupid solar panels failed to even come close to meeting their electricity demands.

Google gave it the old college try, but like all green energy pipe dreams, they only work when the government props up the industry with massive infusions of money taken from tax payers. Green energy might be self-sustaining 50 years from now, but for now it's too inefficient and unprofitable to survive on its own.

Just like green energy morons of today, there were perpetual-motion machine morons in the Middle Ages, and the fallacies of belief in each are similar: you can get some energy from the sun and wind just as you can theoretically design a machine the moves forever without input(assuming no energy loss from friction or sound), as the one in the image below. The problem with each is apparent however, when you try to harvest any energy from it.

You quickly realize that the energy required to keep it going is greater than any energy you can gain from it for use elsewhere.

Perpetual motion and green energy are fun ideas to toss around, but from a practicality standpoint, they are basically useless.


Bill said...

Oregon gets almost all its electricity from green energy. It's called the Columbia River. The enviros hate hydro power for some reason; I suppose because it's been around a long time and floods some areas. But windmills are bird cuisinarts, but they get a pass. Widespread solar would cover thousands of acres. Nothing is free.

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