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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Friday, June 01, 2012

Mayor Bloomberg's nanny state

There are no human activities that liberals don't want to regulate.....

From FoxNews -- New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is proposing another ban on unhealthy foods. This time, he wants to outlaw super-sized sodas and other sugary drinks. The first-in-the-nation ban, formally announced Thursday, would limit sweet drinks to 16 ounces at venues across the city ranging from restaurants to street carts to movie theaters.

First it was the public smoking ban, then the attempted restrictions on salt in restaurant food, now Bloomberg's about to limit the size of drink you can lawfully purchase in New York.....as if we can't just purchase two. And does this apply to Diet sodas, which aren't sugary? What's to stop me from sticking my Big Gulp cup under the regular Coke fountain when I purchased a Diet Coke? It's absurd!

What country is this when individuals can't determine how much Coke they drink?

PS. yesterday on May 31st, the day after his soda ban press conference, Mayor Bloomberg attended the unveiling by Entenmann's of their 1foot-in-diameter doughnut to celebrate National Doughnut Day. Anybody else see a messaging conflict?

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