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Monday, December 13, 2010

Media make fools of themselves......again

You know when the main-stream media are terrified of you when they start literally making stuff up about you to whine about...and the media hate no one if they don't hate Sarah Palin.

As the guest of Rev. Franklin Graham, the Palin family visited Haiti over the weekend. The intrepid AP photographer shot this image of Sarah "getting her hair done", after which she was widely ridiculed by the media as using the suffering and despair in Haiti as a photo-op, mocked for bringing a hair-dresser to a place where "nobody cares what her hair looks like", and roundly criticized for even thinking of her hair while in Haiti.

It turns out, the "hair dresser" is none other than the person the media hate second most....Bristol Palin. She was fixing a stray strand of her mother's hair, that's all. There were no hair dressers, stylists, or make-up artists, yet the media couldn't resist taking a jab at Palin even they know what they were saying was a lie.

If media hatred of you is a measure of the likelihood of your future success, then Palin's future is brighter than the white-hot light of a thousand suns.

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