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Thursday, December 23, 2010

The media cross the line.....again

The media for the most part are leering jackals who think that everything is their business and nothing is out of bounds. Even when there is no wrong-doing of any kind they can't leave a person's private life alone. It's disgraceful!

From People -- The coach is declining to comment after he and his wife Michelle have allegedly been linked to online profiles on several foot-fetish dating sites, reports the New York Post. Mildly kinky videos have also surfaced allegedly showing Michelle modeling her feet for her husband.

Ryan, 48, was barraged with questions about the issue at a press conference on Wednesday but repeatedly insisted it was "a personal matter" that he would not discuss.

As far as I can tell, no crime has been committed here except the media's asinine assumption that Rex and Michelle Ryan's private life is any of their business. That a reporter would dare ask even a single question about a person's sex life with his wife shows what lecherous, detestable jackasses members of the press are.

So Rex Ryan is still hot for his wife and her feet after all these years. Good for him! All couples in their 50's should be this hot for each other. No crime was committed. Nobody hit anybody with a 4-iron. No body got hurt or otherwise mistreated. What's Ryan's transgression that the despicable media think it's any of their business to even ask?

I'd like to see somebody hire a private I. to check up on, and then publicize the private lives of some of the reporters and reporterettes who think they have the right to pry into the Ryan's private lives.

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