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Socialist Party presidential candidate Norman Thomas

Thursday, December 16, 2010

TRR poll question

You know how I feel about government shutdowns....I love them. If a continuing resolution isn't passed by midnight this Saturday, the government won't have any money to pay basic bills. Right now, the democrats, clinging to power for a little longer, have attached the CR to Bush's tax-cut extension bill along with hundreds of ear marks. Many politicians of both parties cannot in good conscience vote for such a crap sandwich just to get the tax cuts extended. What do you think will happen?

Should republicans force a government shutdown by blocking passage of the pork-laden tax bill?
No, the peoples' business must continue
Yes, republicans can fix it retroactively on 5Jan
Who cares? There's a British royal wedding to think about
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Bill said...

Speaking of the pending royal wedding, did you see where President BHO and MO have not been invited? Payback for dissing Winston Churchill is hell. They even invited the Frog president from across the channel.

ed said...

Yeah, I saw that and I'm not surprised one bit. I'm glad they're not inviting Obummer and his bitter half. My jaw dropped when Barry gave back the bust of Churchill as his first act as President. Unbelievable! Nobody respects this guy any more....not that any one should.